Welcome to the Last Untouched Island on the Florida Gulf Coast.

So, you want to see the most beautiful barrier island in Southwest Florida?

Cayo Costa is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular island experiences you’ll ever have. The majority of the island is a Florida state park, making most of the land untouched by man.

With nine miles of coastline, six miles of hiking & biking trails and plenty of Florida’s most popular marine life, Cayo Costa is a vacation destination you don’t want to miss.

Keep reading to discover:

  • The history of Cayo Costa Island
  • What to do during your visit to Cayo Costa
  • How Cayo Costa remains remote
  • How you can extend your stay on Cayo Costa

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The History of Cayo Costa Island

Shell Mound found on Cayo Costa, Florida

Originally a fishing ground for the Calusa Indians, Cayo Costa was inhabited by this coastal tribe as early as 800 all the way to 1800. Relying primarily on fish and seafood, the Calusa Indians created the shell mounds we know of today.

For the centuries that followed, the island served as a fishing destination for Spanish Cuban settlers. As late as 1900, there were only 39 residents on the island.

Now, people all over the world travel to Florida to experience Cayo Costa in its pristine form. Still today, the island only hosts two dozen private homes, 12 rustic cabins and roughly 30 primitive campsites.

If you’re looking for a truly secluded experience in Southwest Florida, look no further than the Gulf coast island of Cayo Costa.

So, how has Cayo Costa remained so remote all this time?

Cayo Costa: An Exclusive Island Getaway

Cayo Costa State Park operates on a solar system and the island is only accessible by boat or helicopter.

With such beauty and endless outdoor recreation, how does Cayo Costa maintain its untouched feel?

In short, this barrier island is only accessible by boat or helicopter. If you’re traveling by water, you can choose to take a ferry or cruise out to the island on your own boat.

Without any bridges or electricity, Cayo Costa feels like a faraway tropical paradise even though it’s close to all the best Southwest Florida attractions. We promise it’s worth the commute.

So, what else makes Cayo Costa so special?

This Southwest Florida barrier island has countless outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Top Activities on Cayo Costa Island in SWFL

Boating is one of the best activities on and around Cayo Costa

Home to manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, shore birds and more, Cayo Costa is a Mecca for nature lovers. 

You can snorkel the pristine waters, walk the meandering nature trails, kayak either side of the island, and admire the abundance of unique shells along the coastline.

Outdoor Activities on Cayo Costa Island

HikingCampingShelling & Beach Combing
BikingSwimmingBoating, Kayaking & Paddling
Birding & Wildlife ViewingSnorkeling & Scuba DivingFishing

Take your pick of biking along the beach, fishing in the crystal-clear Gulf waters or boating to nearby attractions like the famous Cabbage Key where Jimmy Buffett supposedly got the inspiration for his famed song “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

With so much to see and do, you won’t regret unplugging on this special island in Southwest Florida.

If you love the Florida outdoors, Cayo Costa is absolutely the place for you.

Live the Island Life on Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa boasts nine miles of untouched coastline along the Gulf of Mexico

Did you love your visit to Cayo Costa and now you don’t ever want to leave?

If you’re looking for something more permanent and more comfortable, consider luxury living on Cayo Costa!

When you live on Cayo Costa, you can have the remote island experience while enjoying solar powered energy and running water. Plus, you’ll have acres of land that will make you feel like you have the whole island to yourself.

With a state-of-the-art compound where no detail was forgotten, you will be living the true island life on Cayo Costa.

Off-Grid Living: Private Island Paradise on Cayo Costa in SW Florida

SW Florida Real Estate: off-grid luxury living on Cayo Costa

Welcome to the epitome of island life at 1000 Cayo Costa. Your private island paradise awaits on 1.8 acres amid the 2,500-acre Cayo Costa State Park.

Surrounded by nature and nestled along the stunning Gulf of Mexico, there’s never a dull moment at this exclusive waterfront property in Southwest Florida.

See why publications like CL Tampa Bay, Fox 13 and the CE Shop are all raving about this luxury listing. Take your virtual tour of the 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 6,669 SqFt island estate now.

Explore the Property Here.

If Cayo Costa is calling you home, give us a call today.

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